Private Brokerage

Private brokerage involves the brokering of properties that are not publicly listed, nor widely circulated amongst the investor community. Schwalb Realty Group Inc.’s strong emphasis on private brokerage of assets promotes mutually desirable results for buyers and sellers.

Private Brokering Benefits for Sellers

  1. The intention to sell a property is kept out of the public domain. This promotes management continuity and does not impact tenant renewals since tenants are not privy to your decision to sell.
  2. A seller’s “showings fatigue” is reduced as only a very small number of qualified prospects are introduced to the property. Devotion to in-house resources for showings is kept to a minimum so that a seller can focus on the seller’s core business activities.
  3. We pre-qualify our buyers to help ensure that they are capable of acquiring properties that they are shown. Further, we continually check on our buyers’ criteria to ensure that they are not engaged in “tire kicking” which unnecessarily consumes a seller’s time and resources (as well as ours).

Private Brokering Benefits for Buyers

  1. We provide buyers with mostly exclusive access to acquisition opportunities that are generally unknown to the brokerage community.
  2. Typically, our buyers get a “window in time” to make an offer before other parties are made aware of the opportunity. This helps prevent the chaos and drama of multiple-bid situations.
  3. Our buyers can usually get direct access to sellers to further promote the flow of information. On a number of occasions our sellers and buyers have commented to us that this “breaking of the ice” between the parties helped to streamline the transaction process and reduce stress.
  4. We work closely with buyers on the parameters of their acquisition searches to reasonably manage expectations and promote search efficiency.